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The card world is making a substantial shift in the way variable data is imaged. Most Tribal ID's are printed using desktop ribbon or retransfer printers that are readily available to anyone in the world. This leads to instant counterfeiting via a similar printer purchase, scanner & Photoshop (or similar image editing programs). ETC cards must adhere to strict secure designs to protect the integrity of the card which will eliminate the current ways tribal ID's are purchased/sold. Today, most tribal ID's are printed on a desktop printer without any pre-printing and card manufacturing security features and use security features that come with the printer - most features (like a UV ribbon) are virtually pointless. Again, anyone can purchase a desktop printer with a UV ribbon panel. Pre-printing is required with high security (currency-grade) designs and features.  


The weak point still remains with the way the variable data is applied using the ribbon or retransfer printers which is why designs often have overlapping elements in the photo area. Should one scan your card and try to erase a photo, the pre-printed secure designs would be eliminated. This leads to the where DSS Plastics Group is heading...  In Q2, 2018 we will help bring a laser engraver to the market for the variable data. The laser engraver will etch the variable data into the material as well as allow us to incorporate the use of the MLI security feature. The Level 1 (visible) security feature is quickly becoming the defacto authentication feature for cards. Now, the investment in counterfeiting the cards would grow dramatically as they can no longer simply purchase a $2,500 printer to try and counterfeit the card.


We will also be releasing software that helps with the printing of the MRZ, a requirement of ETC compliance. The software will also help with ICAO compliance in regard to photos while allowing the ability for a signature to be tactile (engraved but raised so you can feel the signature as a security feature). Using the engraving process moves the cards to Polycarbonate which are not readibly available in the market, especially with the MLI feature that will speed up your border authentication.


We will announce shortly when the solution is in place. Currently, tribes/nations are piecing together various hardware and software components that make the ETC process difficult. DSS Plastics Group will assist with making this much easier, very soon.  


Please note that there are elements of ETC compliance that are done by the tribe/nation that do not include DSS Plastics Group and are done in conjunction with CBP/DHS. Tribes/Nations want to know "What does ETC compliance cost?" and we are heading toward a full solution.  


Card Design, RFID testing, RFID programming testing, etc. all take months to complete so do not let the 2018, Q2 projection stop you from starting ETC compliance.


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