Credential Standards

Our Capabilities

1. Design the Credential to Meet or Exceed AAMVA Standards

P3 recently invested in currency-level software to thwart counterfeting. Mixed with the P3 pateneted anti-scan/anti-copy features, we will ensure you pass CBP/DHS card design standards!

2. Foreign Sourced Counterfeit Identity Documents Are a Threat to Our National Security
3. A Glossary of Security Features for Printed Documents

P3is a leader in the card anti-counterfeiting world.


P3 offers Secure Card Designs, various security features, full card manufacturing and printing in our secure plant with strict auditing/quality control.


We do not sell nor recommend blank cards printed 100% on a desktop printer. The printers are readily available to anyone and a simple scan, variable data change and print destroys our nation's security. We are not willing to sacrifice safety for the simplicity of cheap design work and printing using ribbons on blank RFID cards.  As a reference point, please download and review the 2016 AAMVA DL/ID Card Design Standard.  


For non ETC RFID cards, please visit RFID Plastic Cards.